Monday, 1 August 2011

It's FINALLY Lifting

My depression is finally starting to lift....again! AND my ears have FINALLY cleared up also! Boy! That was a bad ear infection, it went into each ear twice, doesn't matter now because it has cleared up, that is the main thing.
WOW! What a miserable summer we have had weather wise, it is raining now...again!

I have been catching up with my housework rota. I must get back into my exercise and beauty routine. I created my routines to make things easier, although, it doesn't matter how easy I try to make it because nothing is easy when depressed but positive thinking again, the main thing is the depression is lifting...WoooHooo.

I will be getting my July buy pic posted and as it is August I will have to think about my August buy and pic on here.

Remember me telling you about buying the size 20 trousers for something that was looming? Well, THANK THE GOOD LORD ABOVE!! Because I don't need to be there now....PHEW! I was somewhat dreading it but I still wont say what it was at the moment.

Oh! I lost on the scales again in last Friday's weigh in, only 0.7 but it all counts, adds up.

Well, I will be back tomorrow.


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