Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Raw B,M&S 66 Day - Day 27

You will never guess what I done this morning? EXERCISE!...WooHoo - I done a 25 minute Tae Bo with Billy Blanks and I feel great!

I am trying to post some pics from the other day but because we have a new whatever it is called on our computer I am struggling to find save to save the pics...teehee I will ask James, he'll know how to do it, afterall, he is 12 years old...who better to ask than a 12 year old? When kids get new technology things they don't read the intructions but have it sussed within minutes and working perfectly WELL within a day...AMAZING!

I am starting week 2 of Russell James' course on Thursday but today, I am going to make his raw lasagne...YUM!

Right then, I will be back later with my pics..."JAAAMMMES!"

Here are some pics of my salad press/pressing:

I have had this press for over a year and this is the frist time I have used it.

Chinese Lettuce, grated carrot, red pepper and celtic sea salt

Veg and salt in the salad press, ready

The veg have now been pressed down. This is left like this for a good so many hours, 4 - 5 hours or over night. The juices start and come out of the veg, remove the juices after pressing as this contains the salt. Once pressed add a little soy or what ever you like.
Garlic or other flavourings can also be added.

I am going to be pressing more veg soon as these were really yumcious!

Back later


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