Thursday, 5 January 2012

1st Official Weigh In Of 2012

I have done my starting weight for this year and I have my 10% marked also so I now know where I am starting from.

I coloured/covered my grey roots this morning, always pleased when that is done! I have decided to go slightly lighter again, not much, just a tad.

I have had a banana but I am going to have breakfast very soon; oats, dates and almond milk...YUM! Eating this in the mornings is doing wonders for my IBS and that is just over the last 5 days...AMAZING!

I had the above for my breakfast and then dozed off...AGAIN! Not for too long this time though...THANK GOODNESS! I am hoping as I get more raw into my system that I will have a LOT more energy because I have lacked energy for such a long time now.

I made a YUMCIOUS!! Smoothie for lunch/afternoon. When doing raw it isn't a case of "having" to eat at a meal time; breakfast, lunch and evening meal, we simply eat when we are hungry.


Blitzed in the Vitamix, no milk added, it didn't need it. It was/is DEEEELICIOUS! I still have a glass in the fridge for later.

Evening meal...umm I wasn't prepared and I did have a few chips and a few cocktail sausages, of which I didn't particularly enjoy, I just grabbed and ate. I HAVE HAVE GOT TO BE MORE PREPARED for this time of day. I find it extremely easy to be raw through the day but when those hunger pangs start and I am preparing the families meal, well. I am going to plan for tomorrow.

We are putting a new book case up and I will be putting my raw books and DVD's on there so I can feel more inspired every time I just see them. I did have all my raw books and DVD's in a unit/side board but that means they are out of sight....not a good idea!

Back tomorrow...PROMISE!


bitt said...

I get really hungry at night too. Even staying raw I can oversnack. I try to eat an early dinner to stay ahead of it. I find when I eat raw I want dinner early then just a snack later. Maybe you could eat a big salad before the family meal just to stave off some hunger?

The smoothie does sound good. I have yet to put grapes in one.

Raw Bluebells said...
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Raw Bluebells said...

Thanks Bitt, great idea! Having salads prepared and other snacks is definitely what I need to do! I love the idea of having my evening meal earlier, ready for when I am preparing the families evening meal...GOOD ONE!!

I forgot to say that grapes are really nice in the smoothie. I was looking at smoothies in the supermarket and grapes were part of the ingredients so I thought I would give it a try...NICE!



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