Tuesday, 10 January 2012

I Must Start And Exercise

Not running though because my knee wouldn't take it, but exercise I MUST!!

I have done the 1st part of my raw Macadamia Cheese (Russell James) I am going to make my raw almond milk soon also and the almond pulp will be used to make garlic bread (Russell James)

I have cracked open 5 more coconuts, put the meat into the freezer except for 1 cup of it which I need for the bread recipe which I am doing tomorrow.
I have put 2 cups of the almond pulp into the fridge, again for the bread recipe.

Not a lot else to report. I have done loads of laundry today and made the beds up with lovely clean bedding.
My eldest son, Michael has been today, a few times infact; always great to see him! He didn't bring our grandchildren as they were at school.
Well, that is about all.
I am going to stock up on groceries in a couple of days.

Back tomorrow...I PROMISE!


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