Monday, 2 January 2012

Body Clock

ELIMINATION 4am - 12 noon
Helps you live a long healthy life.
Built in weightloss mechanism

APPROPRIATION 12 noon - 8pm
Capable of taking in food efficiently

Uses the food, extracting the nutrients

The above is taken from, 'Fit For Life' and the Diamonds always said that, fruit must be eaten by itself on an empty stomach: 20 - 30 minutes should elapse after eating fruit before eating other foods. Upon waking eat only fruit until 12 noon.

I just thought I would share the above with you, a good start to the day eh?

Last night I went into the kitchen and threw away the last of the sweet mince pies, the 2 tins of chocolates that none of us are very fond of but I would still have eaten them when having a chocolate/sweet craving, and a small Christmas cake all in the green bin outside ready for collection - a big pat on the back for me! At one time I would have put them into the freezer and I would definitely have eaten them at some point...NOT ANY MORE! I GOT THIS ONE SUSSED!

We are popping out for some young green coconuts today.

If you are interested, I am going to be starting my monthly buys again.

I didn't get my young Green coconuts because they didn't have them yet....humph - ah well, I will get them either in the week or at the weekend.

We went to hospital tonight to visit a very special person, can't say who. On the way home from hospital we went to my sisters and as usual, out came all the goodies. My sister likes to offer a drink when she has visitors and I did have a Biscotti Bailey's. She then brought out a huge Panitone that she bought us for a gift and I will confess to having some, doesn't matter though I am still a huge % raw and will become more raw with time.

Today I have eaten and drunk:
Oats with dates, sliced banana and almond milk
2 Satsumas
1 glass Biscotti Bailey's



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