Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Oh Dear!

I blipped nicely there didn't I? I haven't blogged since Friday 13th...I'm here now!

We went out on Saturday and stocked up on all our fruit and veg etc. It is always nice to be well stocked up with all the good things.
We started off at Asda where I got some fruit and veg and all the everyday items and some of the YUKKY! Processed things the family will just NOT go with out!! They still eat their meats, cakes, biscuits etc BUT one good thing, I have managed to cut them right back on red meat which I am rather pleased about.
After Asda (Walmart) we went to my favourite place, Costco. I LOVE that place! I buy loads of fresh fruit and veg from there, it is super quality! I bought lots of persimmons and sharon fruit, I thought persimmons and sharon fruit were the same but the labels say otherwise....ummmm *puzzled* I also bought a box of clemintines ETC ETC!

I decided to buy myself a belated raw Birthday cake and here it is below. I bought this from Raw Living and it is the small Quantum Cake. This cake is quite sufficient for six people despite it being the small cake.

And here it is sliced.

I also decided to treat myself to a raw order from Raw Living. I bought a few new products that I haven't tried before, the Dream Creams; honey and chocolate, the multifloral honey, tomato powder, strawberry powder and the caramel bar which I thought was quite expensive for the size....nice though. 

On our way back from Costco I always go to Tesco to buy my sweet onions, no where else seems to sell them. Whilst in Tesco I popped into the Nutricentre. I didn't buy much from the Nutricentre this time, just some more nutritional yeast, sesame bars for my boys, they love them! I also bought some coconut flour for making cupackes and some amaranth to sprout. I didn't know amaranth could be sprouted until I watched Tanya Alekseeva sprout it on her 'Raw Food 101' DVD.

When we got back to our local town I realised that I needed to buy some cashew nuts, so we went to Holland & Barrett for them and of course whilst in there I also bought:
green tea
Golden and the brown linseeds.....had none of those, so I had to buy some more.
Nakd cashew cookie bar.

I think that was it for my latest stock up.

I juiced up a load of fruit and veg yesterday that I still had lying around in my fridge from the previous week, it was very yummy and that is what I had for my evening meal yesterday.

I have noticed over the last two-ish weeks that I have been having less and less of the processed foods and when I have been hungry my mind is immediately going towards a raw snack....PERFECT!!

Oh! I bought a new DVD which I will post about tomorrow and an old raw living video which I will also post about tomorrow, so until then, night night!


bitt said...

I love how you say whilst and linseed and so forth. Did not know Costco was overseas too.

The cake looks great. Happy Birthday!

Raw Bluebells said...

HeeHee thankyou B. Yes I did hear the you have Costco in the US etc actually, is it not a US company?...I don't know for sure

Thankyou for the Birthday wishes!!

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