Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Book Review & a Quiet Day except for the....

WIND!!...It is so strong! It looked like it was going to blow my back garden fence down so I have had to go out and prop a length of wood against it to prevent any damage, incidentally the length of wood is for a new post on the same fence which still hasn't yet been done and if it had I wouldn't have to be using the wood to help stabilise the fence.....ummmm.

It has been quiet here today. I have vacuumed the house and tidied up a tad, that is it!

Raw Food Made Simple by Karen Knowler.
This is a small yet thick book. It is a paperback. It is easy to read and very clear and simple. It is colourful and has colour photo's inside.
It includes 15 recipes and raw transformation stories from raw fooders.
This book is for the raw food newbie and starts right from the beginning: what is raw food, benefits, what to eat, how to shop, equipping your kitchen, time and money issues, Q & A, action steps and more. It then goes into a 5 day raw food plan to help get you started and more.
Karen helps us think about things in this book. A good buy for the beginner and actually, the intermediate raw fooder also.

The Flavor Bible by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg
This book is rather large, heavy and thick. Hardback.
It helps you put ingredients together, how to bring out and enhance flavours. It goes through the table of flavours: Sweetness, Saltiness, Sourness and Bitterness.
It takes you through Flavour and mouthfeel, also the visual, emotional, mental and spiritual  side of food.
There are hints, tips, ideas and how to's for when preparing and balancing food and how to build a recipe; cutting out the richness and adding acids.
This book is mostly about matching flavours by advising on all the foods that add flavour etc with the food you have chosen. There are also details about the item of food i.e. season, taste, weight, volume and techniques
It covers oils i.e. almond oil, avocado oil, pecan oil etc.
Although this book does also cover meat, fish and dairy it also covers oats, nut, seeds, fruit, veg, seasonings, sugars and even raisins. All the foods are listed in alphabetical order.
I recommend this book to the raw fooder, everyone infact.

Well, there you have 2 book reviews, I will have more book reviews soon as I did receive a few books for Christmas. Bitt asked for the book reviews, thankyou Bitt!

I might get back later tonight, but if not then I WILL BE BACK TOMORROW....PROMISE!


bitt said...

HI Bluebells, I am not really blogging anything at this point. Sorry!

bitt said...

email me if you can, can't find yours and I have a question for you.

Raw Bluebells said...
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Raw Bluebells said...

Done! I've emailed you.

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