Thursday, 12 January 2012


I updated yesterday's blog.
Today I have pictures of the fruits of my labour. You can click on the pictures to see them larger and clearer.

Check out how it tears..amazing!
My 12 year old son has already eaten half a loaf. This recipe made 2 loaves.

THE garlic loaf...ummm maybe I could have shaped it better...doesn't matter.

This Macadamia cheese is so cheesey and creamy that even my FUSSIEST EVER 12 year old son LOVES it, now, that IS AMAZING!
I was going to put this cheese into a ring mould and shape it as Russell James suggests but I decided to just put it into the tub.

If you want to watch the lovely Russell James make this recipe then click Macadamia Cheese

If you want to see the lovely Russell James make the garlic bread recipe then click Garlic Bread

You can download the pdf for the recipe's from the links also.
If anyone makes these recipe's then let me know how you got on and what you think of it.

I am going to re-do my schedules and incorporate walking into my days and I am getting back on track with everything as of Monday. I have been getting back into my beauty routines these last couple of days, I just need to get back on track in other area's, and I will!!

I have been all raw today. I started off with my oats, dates, fruit and almond milk for breakfast, and for lunch I had garlic bread and cheese. For my evening meal I am thinking of making guacamole...YUM!

Back later today or tomorrow...PROMISE!!


bitt said...

I have made both those recipes, amazing stuff! From his cheese book I think. drooling...i want some now. :-)

Raw Bluebells said...

I have the cheese book also but this garlic bread is slightly different than the recipe in his cheese book, I think.

Linda x

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