Monday, 9 January 2012

Hi Nicole

Wanted to say, "Hi Nicole, Yes of course I remember you"
Just to let you know that Nicole has been following me for quite a few years now but we lost touch, she has now found me again...GREAT!!
"Nicole, let me know how things are going and if you are blogging then send me a link!"

I updated yesterday so scroll down if you haven't already read it...if you want to that is...teehee.

Well then, I don't have much to report for today, another quiet day really - Oh! I fell asleep....what is it with me and falling asleep?!?....GRRRRR
I am going into my kitchen now and I am going to get some almonds soaked ready for tomorrow to make my almond milk.
I want to make a batch of things to have to hand ready for those hunger pangs and especially when I am making the families evening meal, so I think I will spend the evening going through recipe's deciding what I want to make and what I need to get soaking etc.

Back tomorrow...PROMISE!


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