Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Over these last few days I have eaten lots of fruit and veg and I have to say that I am noticing a few improvements. I have had less headaches and my toilet visits are better, you wanted to know that didn't you...teehee. I also haven't felt the urge to sleep on Sunday and today, but it has to be said, there is a lot more room for improvement.
I am going to list all the health problems that I have and I will keep a record of improvements. I will list these on the progress page.

Many times in the mornings I have wanted to make a quick juice uisng my centrifugal juicer but I haven't incase I wake the boys up before they need to be up, but this morning I decided to just get on with it and suprisingly, it didn't wake the boys up..WOOHOO - so now I can use the quick juicer any time I like. I do have my Green Star and Samson which are considerably quieter but because my centrifugal juicer (Jack la lane) is all ready to hand that is the one I tend to go towards.
I had a few items in my fridge that needed using/eating so I decided to make a green juice.

Below I had:
2 bags of Kale
1/2 bag Spinach
1 Lime
6 Kiwi
Romane lettuce leaves and stalk.

This juice was SOOO YUMCIOUS!

I am going to get a lot more raw foods made and find lots of QUICK to make meals.
I really need to have snacks to hand also because I am a snacker AND I have heard it said that eating little and often is good to help keep the metabolism elevated and thus in turn helps burn body fat more efficiently.

I will be back tomorrow to show you what I have made.


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