Monday, 3 June 2013

Manic Monday-Cleaning

I have been feeling rather happy lately which has felt great, I still feel happy which is even BETTER!!
I'm not going grocery shopping today because my hubby popped out over the weekend and we do have a stocked fridge:) I am getting on with my cleaning rota because I am determined to get myself into my routines REGULARLY! I never failed with them at one time but then because of depression flare ups I kept slipping. I always feel better when I stick to my routines.

Monday Housework

  • Clean Bathroom and bathroom loo
  • Clean downstairs loo
  • Clean patio doors/patio windows/Kitchen Window & Back Door
  • Clean 1 kitchen cupboard

  • I am going to soak some sundried tomato's for a recipe for my evening meal, Faster Pasta from Ascension Kitchen

    I have had a fruit smoothie for breakfast this morning.

    *UPDATE* - 9.22am
    Back windows done before the sun went around to the back of my house.

    I made the Faster Paster for my evning meal and although nice it wasn't for me. I found that there were far too many sundried tomatoes in the recipe and so tasted very strong. I much prefer Alissah Cohens pasta sauce.

    Night Night


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