Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

Oh My!! What have I done?! Clearly I have eaten all the wrong things and barely moved my butt :( New week now though and I am just simply going to do all the right things this week. I am aiming to lose about 5lb by next Wednesday, how about that then eh? Setting myself weekly goals, and I know 5lb seems like a lot but if I stick to things I definitely believe it is achievable. I also aim to be raw for 7 days. I know when I do stick to raw I always feel so much better!! I just do not know why I slip up, yes I do, laziness, laziness because I have no energy, no energy because I eat rubbish too often, the infamous vicious circle eh?! :( Yes I do eat a lot of raw foods but not enough, no where near! I need to go back to posting my meal pics I think:)

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