Thursday, 2 May 2013


Have I NEVER been this heavy, this tops the lot!! I weighed in this morning at 15st and 5/8lb (15st = 210lb)...5/8lb over 15st. OH MY GOODNESS! I am totally SHOCKED! I have GOT to do something about this! I CAN'T go on like this!!! I WONT go on like this!!!
I would hear people say that they weigh 15st and I would think, oh my, that is disgusting to allow themselves to get that heavy, and then all of a sudden, I am that person. I feel like crying! I know that only I can do something about this, only I can turn this around! So it starts HERE!! NOW!! TODAY!! It HAS to!! 

I have just filled in all my tracking details on my trackers that I printed out.

I am feeling constipated again so I have had the oats etc for breakfast, this usually helps.
I ate this at about 7.45am


*UPDATE* - 1.52pm
I dozed off again this morning but this is because I only got three and a half hours sleep last night...don't know why.
I wasn't hungry when I woke up but now at 1.52pm I have decided to finish off the apple juice from yesterday.

I know that I am taking pics of the same things but if it is what I am consuming during the day and it helps me to post the pics then that is what I need to do!:) Of course there wil be different pics, actually, I found a recipe I might try soon, and I made raw butter that I need to post pics of on here.

My youngest son, James has just come into the room and said, "oh! That looks nice!" so guess what? He has just finished my apple juice off:) I don't mind one bit!

Thankyou for your comment Sugarfree Babe:) I really appreciate comments! Do you blog?


Sugarfree Babe said...

I hope your day went well, I know exactly how you feel! Keep at it, you'll be down in no time! :)

Raw Bluebells said...

Thankyou for taking the time to comment Sugarfree Babe, MUCH appreciated and it helps to spur me on:)

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