Sunday, 5 May 2013

Lazy Sunday-Weeding

A lazy Sunday is days doing something relaxing i.e. gardening, maybe start up a new hobby or just a relaxing detoxing bath etc but today I am planning on doing a little bit of weeding, providing it doesn't rain which it shouldn't, actually, I could do with buying a bag of chippings/bark, so I will put that on my shopping list.

I weeded a small section of the garden and I did find it very relaxing, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and it is quite warm although a little windy, I could hear someone cutting their garden lawn, and the neighbours kids weren't in the front avenue kicking the ball into my front garden. I was in the back garden weeding but it is annoying because I can usually hear them in the front garden also, but not this afternoon...AHHH BLISS!

I am no gardener by any stretch of the imagination as you will see from the pics below but it was on today's, 'lazy Sunday' to do's, so that is what I done and I enjoyed it!:)

Before Garden Weeding

After garden weeding

All the top three pics are the same after photo's. I need to get the leaves off the soil and riddle the soil a tad also, but I was thinking of putting the bark on top.
This is the small patch that I weeded
I decided to weed just a small section first. It took me about 2 hours and my back was really sore after doing this small area.
I am still rather proud of myself for doing this small section as like I said above, I am no gardener. I will move onto another section next week as well as keep this section tidy. I really need to get all the leaves swept up, there are loads of them from the side hedging which incidentally looks gorgeous when the leaves come back green in the Summer, so it is sort of worth having all the brown leaves in the Spring.
This morning started off with a smoothie. I know, Marsha, it's fruit but I was so hungry I just wanted to grab something quick.
I have noticed that when I allow processed foods into my day, the next morning I am so hungry and I often feel rather faint and sickly until I eat or drink something good, yet when I stick with my raw then I don't feel faint the next morning and I am usually very satisfied and much less hungry, less often.


I forgot about lunch because of doing the weeding but I grabbed a banana...more fruit!
I am having awful trouble with my right ear today, I am always having trouble with my ears:( I am going to steam again tonight and see if that makes a difference over the next few days. I hope so!:)
I was thinking of maybe getting the patio table and chairs out and having our evening meal in the garden...ummmm...maybe.
I don't feel too well; an upset tummy actually, so I am going to get myself sorted and have an early night, catch you tomorrow.
Night Night:)


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