Monday, 6 May 2013

Manic Monday-All Go

Today is grocery day, meal preperation day, housework rota and exercise day, so as you can tell, a lot to do on Monday's.

Lets start off with groceries.

A few things from Asda. I did of course buy other things, toiletries, things for family i.e. snacks etc but this is the healthy side of things. I usually buy almond milk because I haven't always got almond or other nut milks prepared and the bought nut milks are great to fall back on.

Above are things from Aldi's.
My Mam and Step Dad have just left, I enjoyed seeing them!:) I always do, although I get a tad frustrated sometimes...heehee
What I want to do today is to start and prepare my salads, now then, I watched a lady on You Tube prepare a weeks worth of salads and I was thinking of doing this also:)

I still need to do my housework rota and I am not sure about exercise for today because I don't think I will get the peace to exercise as everyone is home today because it is Bank Holiday May Day Monday. Have to say though, WOW! Do I feel exercised from doing the weeding yesterday, my bottom and leg muscles feel so exercise achey.

Breakfast today was another strawberry and banana smoothie.

Housework all done, evening meals all done, hubby's packed lunch all made and in the fridge and prepared salads all done and in the fridge.

I shredded a LOAD of romaine lettuces, washed and spun it and I thought, yep there is enough for seven salads....oh no there wasn't:) ah well, I made five salads. I also added a small amount of red onion, shredded carrot, cucumber and cherry tomatoes, if anyone has other idea's of what to put in my salads then let me know, I could have added peppers actually - oh! I don't like celery...BLEURGH! I can eat it in a recipe because I can't taste it i.e. mock tuna but I can't eat it as is:(
As I eat these salads I will add avocado or a nut pâté if I make any, actually, I have been meaning to make hummous, I like hummous:)
Just to let you know, I place a square of kitchen paper in the bottom of the containers to soak up any moisture, although I do dry my salad rather thoroughly before putting it into a bowl or container, but I gently slide the paper out when I come to eat them. I do this with all my salads.

Well that is me for today. Back tomorrow.


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