Thursday, 16 May 2013

Thrilling Thursday-A Buy

Well, I didn't get the recipe done this week but that can be done for next week, so that isn't a problem, but what have I got to make Thursday a little thrilling then?.....Ummm well, I did buy a little somethng yesterday, well actually, two little somethings, one of which is being delivered but the other I bought at Costco yesterday. So, what is the Costco buy then? Well, I will be back later today to show you that because I want to try it with something first so I can have a good picture for you.....This is Teaser Tuesday and Thrilling Thursday all rolled into one.

Yesterday I went to Costco, as I said above....durrr but anyway, I did stock up on DELICIOUS fruits and veg i.e. Strawberries, oh! I drank a strawberry and banana smoothie this morning and I didn't get a migraine this time:) WooHoo! Anyway, I digress, I also bought lots of different berries, citrus fruits, courgettes (zuchinni's) broccoli salad, cucumbers, avocado's, peppers, medjool dates, pecans etc. On the way back home I went to Tesco as I usually do and I bought my usual sweet onions, a box of mangoe's...YUM! Aubergines, tomatoe's, pineapple etc. I then popped into the Nutricentre and bought carob for the recipe that I want to make. I also bought figs, vitamin C powder, nutritional yeast etc etc Oh! And whilst in the Nutricentre I picked up one of their free magazines which I LOVE and I also went to buy a Feng Shui book and the assistant said I could have the book for free...score:)

The first place I had to go to yesterday morning was to buy Birthday cards because today is my husbands Birthday, on Sunday it is our eldest Grandaughter, Ebony's 8th Birthday and a week tomorrow is our eldest son, Michael's 27th Birthday, so a lot of Birthday shopping had to be done.

Well, I am not going to be able to get the pics done tonight as the time is 10.30pm and we have been so busy tonight with company for my husbands Birthday so I will be back tomorrow with the pictures!


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