Thursday, 23 May 2013

Thrilling Thursday-Oh My!

WOW! I hadn't used this until tonight and OH MY! It is FANTASTIC!!
It heats and does the job with cold also. Anyway, enough teasing you, here it is:

A Dualit Milk Frother

It froths cold milk, warm milk or it will even heat the milk and froth at the same time.

The frother straight out of the box

Inside the frother, the frothing device.

Beautiful frothed milk. I used Almond Breeze milk for quickness and it frothed extremely well. I did use the heat setting and when I poured the heated frothed almond milk into the cup for my raw chocolate drink, it made the drink hot.
My beautiful raw hot chocolate drink made with frothed and heated almond breeze milk using the Dualit milk frother. The Dualit milk frother machine is EXCELLENT!! The machine cost approx £34.00 inc VAT. I purchased this frother from Costco.

I decided to ring the changes by adding a few drops of Medicine Flower Hazelnut Potent Extract...YUM!
I had already drank some of my yummy drink before I added the extract. Notice that there is still froth after I drank some, added the extract and stirred.
I would also definitely recommend the Raw hot chocolate drink from, 'The Raw Chocolate Shop'. I didn't find the drink bitter like a lot of other raw chocolate drinks, really yummy!!
Back tomorrow.


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