Saturday, 4 May 2013

Salon Saturday-Skin Brush

I am starting right from the basics today, starting with body brushing. I was going to do eyelash tinting, but I thought no, that will be too advanced at the moment. I want to start and incorporate body brushing into my daily routine again, so that is where I shall begin.

I am qualified in Beauty Therapy but do read the disclaimer below.


Start brushing at the soles of your feet in overlapping strokes.
As you work up the body do brush the palms of your hands. 
Do not press too hard but use firm strokes.
Brush towards the heart.
Body brush once a day in the morning on dry naked skin and using a dry body brush.
Avoid senstive areas or broken skin areas.
Shower after body brushing.
For optimum lymphatic drainage, brush daily for 3-4 months.

The body brushes have hand straps and removeable handles which help when brushing the legs, arms etc but the handle is very useful when brushing the back.
Use a natural bristle body brush.
Clean your body brush once a week with a body wash that you don't react to, and leave your brush to air dry in the sun, at the window maybe.

The skin is:
The largest organ in the body.
It gets rid of 2lb of acid waste every day.
When your body is toxic it shows in the skin.
Body brushing stimulates blood flow and helps with healing processes.
If the body is toxic then this shows in your skin causing breakouts and irritations.
Body odour is a sign of toxins building up in your body and of course comes out through your skin.

Benefits of skin brushing
Helps to remove dead skin cells and encourage cell renewal.
Increases blood flow.
Increases circulation which helps to get rid of waste.
Stimulates lymphatic drainage and helps to drain mucoid waste matter into the colon.
Helps make you feel energised.
Stimulates nerve endings.
Uncloggs the pores so as to enable the skin to breath.
Helps to get rid of cellulite as cellulite is toxic waste that is in the fat cells.
Helps to tighten the skin and helps with muscle tone.

So, I for one am getting back into skin brushing as of today, and next week I will add more to my beauty routine.

My raw has been rather erratic today but I am hoping that bringing my beauty routine back into my day will spur me on, a LOT!
Back tomorrow

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