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Salon Saturday-Exfoliation

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Saturday Salon-Exfoliation

Now then, we should all be skin brushing daily, but skin brushing alone does not exfoliate the skin, so today we are going to incorporate exfoliation also:)
What is Exfoliation?
Exfoliation is a grainy wash for either the body or face. The face exfoliator is a lot more gentle.
There are many types of grains that are used i.e. salt, sugar, coffee grains, spherical jojoba beads etc. Exfoliation has to be done using a gentle scrub as harsh products can scratch the skin and or cause micro-tears in the skin.
Exfoliation is the removal of the dead skin on the face and body, these dead skin cells cling onto the outer part of the epidermis and so blocking the penetration of skin serums, lotions, moisturisers etc.
Exfoliating the skin leaves the skin soft and smooth and ready to receive skin treatments.
There are two types of exfoliating; mechanical and chemical exfoliating.
The Mechanical include a salt glow which is salt, oil and aromatic oil which is massaged into the skin and then rinsed off under a shower.
A more aggresive exfoliation is the use of microdermabrasion which can be crystal, crystal free or diamond tip etc.

The second exfoliation is Chemical exfoliation. This uses enzymes, alphahydroxy acids or AHA's as it is more commonly known as or betahydroxy acids (BHAS) These chemical products gently loosen the glue like substance that holds the dead skin cells onto the epidermis, allowing them to be removed, or sloughed off as it is also known as.
Fruit enzymes are used which are a gentle and natural fruit acid.
There are also exfoliating clothes available to exfoliate the skin on the face, this is a very gentle way to exfoliate the skin.

Why Is It Important To Exfoliate?
The skin generates new skin cells constantly which start at the dermis and move upwards but as they reach the surface (epidermis) they die off and become filled with keratin, these skin cells protect the skin underneath. We are constantly losing these dead skin cells because more new cells are rising to the surface (epidermis) we don't lose all of them and they need to be removed, hence exfoliating.
As we get older our bodies slow down and the cells start to pile up making our skin rough,
dry and looking dull and lack lustre but exfoliating removes these dead skin cells and so allowing our new skin to come to the surface.
Exfoliation cleans the grease and impurities from the skin and regenerates new cell growth as it increases blood circulation and brings more oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

Be careful when exfoliating, especially the delicate skin on the face.
Do not over exfoliate the skin especially in the Summer as you can make it easier for sun damage.
Use a good sunblock.
Do not exfoliate sensitive or broken skin.
Never use body scrubs on the face.
Never wax if you have recently had a skin peel.

Body scrub once or twice per week, twice would be good.
The rule of thumb is to exfoliate the face once per week.
Dont forget to gently exfoliate the skin on the neck also.
Do not apply makeup after exfoliating the skin, it is best to exfoliate maybe before going to bed.
Always use warm water with the exfoliator, do not use dry.


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