Friday, 24 May 2013

Fitness Friday-Pfft

Fitness Friday, well, all I can say to that is, Bah Humbug! I haven't done any fitness this week, well, except for vacuuming the house on Tuesday, but nothing else, what I need to do is to actually do exercise ASWELL AS the housework which would of course be a bonus to my weeks fitness/activity, so lets just see how much of my fitness/exercise/activity chart I can fill in between now and next week:)

It is our eldest son, Michael's 27th Birthday today. We bought him a piece of equipment/tool that he needed for his motorbike which he was over the moon with because it was a tad pricey and he didn't have cash to buy it. One happy boy today! Yes he is still our little boy, I even had him sitting on my knee and I was cuddling him like a baby today....heehee and he said, "Mam, I tower over you in height and you've got me sitting on your knee like a baby"...heehee he will never stop being my baby boy, none of our three sons will ever stop being our baby boy's. WE LOVE OUR THREE SONS ALL EXACTLY THE SAME!! Not like my Mother who has her favourites, and needless to say I have NEVER been the one, not that I would want to be just to be loved and wanted like the rest of my siblings would have been nice! My father had his favourites also and I came third out of four, but none of that matters anymore, what matters is that we would NEVER have favourites and we love all our sons EXACTLY the same!! How can parents have favourites!? HORRIBLE thing to do!!

Anyway, We have had quite a nice day today with our eldest baby boy, and time with our GORGEOUS Grandchildren!

Well, that is me for today, I will be back tomorrow. Night Night!


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