Friday, 3 May 2013

Daily Themes

I have decided to bring some fun into my blog by having a daily theme which is starting tomorrow. The themes are going to be the same themes every seven days with new content every seven days, so watch this space to see what tomorrows is going to be:) Of course my raw lifestyle and food pics are still going to be posted.

Have to say a big thankyou to, Marsha who emails me with help and advice! And yes, I am going to be buying the Perfect Food Berry, and have a little less fruit. "Thankyou Marsha!" That being said, I have just eaten a banana for breakfast but I suppose it is the quantity of fruit throughout the day and every day that adds up.

A few pics of my Persian cat, Princess, and that is exactly what she is, a Princess.
Our eldest son, Michael visited and he brought himself a sandwich that he bought from Greggs...typical, he loves my egg and tomato sandwiches and I would have been more than happy to make him those, but nope, he brings a sandwich. Anyway, he decides to give Princess some of the ham but of course makes her stand on her hind legs.

Awwe bless her. She isn't very gentle either, she snatches food from peoples hands like she never got fed...little tike, but she is such a little poppet. She gets fed her three food pouches per day and those little cat chewy sticks also. LOVE HER SOOO MUCH!! Her belly fur usually goes all ringletty...ringletty, is there such a word? Probably not:)


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