Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Weigh In Wednesday

Well, today's post title needs no explaining, except that I will now weigh in on Wednesday's instead of Thursday's.

So what are today's weigh in results? Well, I have lost a BIG FAT 4lb....WOOHOO I am SOOO pleased!!!!:) I am doing the happy dance.

I have noticed over these last few days that I haven't felt the urge to have naps AND the constipation has eased considerably...I hope I haven't just jinxed it now:)
Time now is, 8.28am.
When I came downstairs I brought down more dirty laundry which is now in the machine, and I am now sipping on a strawberry and banana smoothie for breakfast.
Time is 7.40pm
Yep, I did jinx it, I got a heck of a migraine which is still rather uncomfortable, and because of the migraine I did fall asleep. Migraines really knock me sideways, as they would for anyone, and I can have a migraine for a few days:(  But it is on it's way out now, thank goodness!:)
I had a banana mid day and now I have just finished my salad with a sprinkling of nutritional yeast, and yep, salad cream, not too much though because as we know, salad cream is not raw. I have also just finished drinking a lovely glass and a half of grapefruit juice that I have just pressed. 
I am having an early night tonight because I am still whacked from this migraine, or the tail end of it anyway:)
I will be back tomorrow to reveal Tuesday's Teaser.
Back tomorrow:)


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