Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Teaser Tuesday-I'm Suprised

I have been very slack with my blogging lately....shocking!

I was up at my usual time of 6.00am. I saw my hubby off to work, fed and watered the cat and jumped under my shower, as I do every morning. Before 8.00am I had already cleaned the two rather large back bedroom windows inside and out and stripped my bed and got some of that into the machine to wash. I did have a doze for one and a half hours mid morning which was much less sleep than usual, but what is surprising me a LOT lately is that I haven't felt the need to have naps throughout the day for days now except for this morning, and it also surprised me that I naturally woke up after the one and a half hours and got straight up and on with things whereas I would normally struggle to keep my eyes open, something has definitely changed with me and it feels good! I LOVE THIS!!!!!

After I made the boys some brunch and saw them on their way I then got the vacuum out and vacuumed all the upstairs and down the stairs and downstairs. I also use the little rubber hand brush to help get the cat hair up from the stair carpet. There is much less cat hair since my little Peaches passed away.

Anyway Teaser Tuesday. Can anyone guess what it is? This is something not raw related but will act as a motivator to stay raw.

There you go. I might think about giving a prize in the future to anyone who guesses my Teaser Tuesday photos.

Oh! Hi to my new follower!


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