Thursday, 25 April 2013

Thursday's Weigh In

Good morning...just; the time is 11.42am. I have done my weigh in and I have updated my stats on my weigh in page and this week I have lost 2lb...WooHooo I put this down to taking pics and blogging exactly what I eat each day, so of course I am going to continue doing this.


Grapefruit juice...YUM!
*UPDATE* - 3.10pm
I decided to vacuum, polish and swiffer my downstairs floors, this is supposed to be yesterdays job but it's done now ayway.
I put some almonds in to soak because I am going to make almond milk, smoothie using the milk and Russell James' garlic bread and hopefully Russell James' almond thins also...YUM!
I didn't have much for lunch because of being busy, but I'm not feeling hungry very much today anyway, so all is good:)

Yep, 2 banana's and yep, that and the grapefruit juice is all I have eaten today, just not a hungry day today. I am going to have a salad for my evening meal. I will be back to blog about anything else I may have or make today.

*UPDATE* - 7.26pm
Well, on Monday I had a joined triple head daffodil and this afternoon I have had a joined mushroom:)
Evening Meal

Finely shredded romaine lettuce...YUM!
sliced chestnut mushroom marinaded in olive oil and tamari.
Sliced avocado.
Grated carrot, stir in mayonnaise (not raw:() and nutritional yeast...SOOO YUM!
I am now going to make my almond milk.
Back throughout the day
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