Monday, 8 April 2013

Hi Ho, Hi Ho....

♪It's off to the doctors I go♫. I am going to get my blood results and to hand the form in that I had to fill out. I will be back to update when I get back. I have decided to walk to my doctors, I could easily jump in the car and drive but nope! I am going to walk. I am still dizzy today so more steaming to do later, when I get back.

I felt quite faint and sickly shortly after I got up so I had a banana, and when I get back I am going to do a juice.

I did indeed walk to the doctors and back which I am very pleased about:)
My bloods, well, my cholesterol is up to 8.4...OH MY GOODNESS! But my triglycerides have dropped dramatically from 9. something to 2. something...I know...AMAZING ISN'T IT?!

Here are a few links:
Triglyceride Levels

My doctor told me that animal fats play a part in raising the triglyceride levels and I immediately chipped in and told my doctor that I am eating a raw food diet, or most of the time, he was pleased to hear that. It goes to show that my raw food has had an impact on my body in my blood fat level and what we eat does definitely affect our bodies.

My LDL levels have dropped to 1.6 whereas this level was, if I remember rightly, to be in the 5. something or 6. something.

I can't remember what my HDL levels are, actually I am sure they were 2.4 or certainly 2. something.

My doctor told me that, although overall my levels aren't good, I'm not to worry over them, I am doing canny he said:) and now he knows I am eating raw foods, and the fact that I don't smoke or have heart disease:) 
My doctor is REALLY GREAT! I just can't fault him AT ALL!!

Blood Levels

Inside your cholesterol numbers:

The blood test measures:
Total cholesterol. This is a measure of LDL cholesterol, HDL cholesterol and other lipid components.

LDL (low density lipoprotein cholesterol). LDL cholesterol can build up on the walls of your arteries and increase the chances of getting heart disease. That is why LDL cholesterol is referred to as ‘bad’ cholesterol. The lower your LDL cholesterol number, the better it is for your health.

HDL (high density lipoprotein cholesterol, also called "good" cholesterol) HDL cholesterol protects against heart disease by taking the "bad" cholesterol out of your blood and keeping it from building up in your arteries. A higher number for this cholesterol is a good sign.

Triglycerides (fats carried in the blood from the food we eat. Excess calories, alcohol or sugar in the body are converted into triglycerides and stored in fat cells throughout the body.)
The NHS says for healthy adults:

Total cholesterol should be 5.0 millimoles per litre (mmol/l) or lower. The average in the UK is actually around 5.5 mmol/l for men and 5.6 mmol/l for women.

LDL cholesterol should be 3mmol/L or lower

HDL level above 1 mmol/l

Triglyceride level under 1.7 mmol/l
People with higher risks, such as heart disease or high blood pressure will be set lower targets:

Total cholesterol of 4mmol/L or lower

LDL of 2mmol/L or lower
Cholesterol numbers are used to calculate the overall risk of coronary heart disease.
The ratio of total cholesterol to HDL - total cholesterol divided by HDL - should be below 4.
Doctors will set individual cholesterol targets for patients based on their overall risk factors. Treatment may involve diet changes to cut down on bad fats, increasing exercise, or taking cholesterol lowering medication, such as statins.

have eaten 3 banana's today, no juice or smoothie yet, but the day is still young, it is 1pm.
I had a salad for my evening meal.
Back Tomorrow


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