Sunday, 7 April 2013

All Sorts

The sun is shining today so we are going to get the outside of the windows cleaned. Hubby is cleaning the car at the moment before we start the windows. I help my hubby do the windows but only by standing on the bottom of the ladder:)

I have decided to plant my fruit and nut tree's directly into the garden instead of having them in giant pots. Apparently these tree's are able to stay in pots but I feel they would benefit more from being in the ground, so many folk have said that their tree's have flourished in the ground but they haven't got much from them whilst they have been kept in pots, we'll see.
I originally had 7 tree's but I only have 4 now as they others have died, maybe because they have been growing in pots.

I still have dizziness:( but I a steaming twice daily to help it. I have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow to get my blood test results and to hand the form back to him.

I have started today day off with a banana and strawberry smoothie..YUM! I made a mistake yesterday because I bought a couple of packets of pink n whites wafers that were on offer...eye's bigger than my belly...ummm is that possible?....I doubt it, but anyway, the wafers are now in the house....DOH!

It is cold today....brrrr
My mother visited yesterday and she is visiting again today, and I think our eldest son, Michael is popping round also.


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