Sunday, 14 April 2013

Groceries & Kale Saga

We were out most of yesterday buying and stocking up our grocery cupboard and fridge feels good again!
My hubby has just popped out to also stock up on loo and  kitchen rolls, face tissues etc. We buy these things from a different wholesalers.

The weather yesterday was glorious! The sun was shining and it was warm, but today it is completely different; overcast, very windy, colder etc.

Yesterday our first port of call was Tesco for my sweet onions and kale, kale because Asda has stopped stocking kale:( I can't see why Asda should stop selling kale because it sells like crazy and they used to sell out at Asda also, even the massive Tesco only had two bags left, and today my hubby went to a different Tesco and they only had one bag left, so kale does sell really well. Anyway, after Tesco I popped into the Nutricentre to buy Udo's oil, carob which I mix along with cacao, it tames the bitterness somewhat. I also bought nutritional yeast and coconut sugar.
Then we were off to Costco...WooHoo - LOVE Costco!! I tried to keep it down in Costco and I did by about £80....GO ME!! I stocked up on all my lovely goodies of fruit and veg...YUM!

After Costco it was back home. Our eldest GORGEOUS son, Michael came along with his little son, our CUTE little grandson who is also called Michael:) They then all piled into our car with also GORGEOUS Adam and James and went off to Newcastle to some art centre store. There were three generations in that car:) Dad, sons and grandson:) I didn't go, I stopped at home and put groceries away.

Later on we went to the wholesalers but because my hubby didn't put the clock forward in the car, when we got there the wholesalers was closing...heehee hence my hubby going back today...DOH!

Well that is me for now. I am incredibly tired today, heck, I don't know why because I slept quite good last night and had about 11 hours sleep, albeit disturbed sleep but that is normal for me, the fact was, that when I stirred I did fall back to sleep quickly:)

Hubby has just phoned me from Asda and guess what? They have kale back in stock, that is after I went to Tesco yesterday and my hubby went to a different Tesco today to buy kale.
Two weeks ago Asda said they stopped stocking kale and now they are stocking it again....strange. We asked an Asda member of staff two weeks ago and they actually told us that this item had been deleted from Asda and they dont think they will be selling it any longer, ah well, I am pleased they are stocking it again now, one thing though, I bought the last 2 bags of Kale from Tesco yesterday, hubby bought last bag of Kale from a different Tesco this morning and I also asked hubby to buy the last 4 bags of kale from Asda this afternoon, so that is 7 bags of kale I have in the house:) All good though!:)

Back later today or tomorrow.


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