Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Is That All?!

The time is 2.05pm and all I have eaten today is 1 banana and I had a glass of water with that. I had that at about 7am. I then wired the plug back on my citrus juicer, it came off when I was pulling the wire out which was caught on something, but instead of making a citrus juice I decided to doze, the time was about 9.30am and I didn't wake up until 12.00pm...that was two and a half hours. I felt very tired this morning and I still feel rather tired now..detox?!?


This afternoon I had a handful of cheesy kale. For my evening meal I admit to having a chunky Kit Kat then a bag of chips from the chippy, and a slice of buttered bread...Oh Noooooo! The Kit Kat and chips were a one off blip and tomorrow is another day. I am more eating raw and I will put this blip behind me and move on.
Weigh day tomorrow.

Back tomorrow.


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