Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Get On Our Feet

I was up with hubby this morning and then I dozed back off, I wouldn't care but I have not fallen back to sleep through any part of the day for that last three days, but this morning I did, doesn't matter though.
Well, myself and James are going to get on our feet and we are going for a walk. It is 11.34am and we are going in about 10 minutes, not a long walk, about 40 minutes. We are going to try to get this walk in daily, or certainly most days. I know it will do me the power of good!! It will do us both the power of good!!
I have had a banana and strawberry smoothie for breakfast.

We are back from our walk. I noticed the time when we set off and it is actually 45 minutes to do that walk:) I can feel it now!:)
When we were on our walk and passing McDonald's there was a group of people, two lads, a girl and kiddies and they were spread over the whole path which made it awkward to know where James and myself could walk, so of course I just kept on my way and I sort of walked in front of one of the lads, not deliberately but then he did with me also and I got verbally attacked for it...pffft I mean where am I supposed to walk when the whole width of the path was taken by these people. They all looked as high as kites and one of the lads was all cuts and bruises. I didn't say nothing, I didn't dare with people like that!
When I got back in the house I drank two glasses of water, and I also got some laundry into the machine.
Time now: 1.25pm.

I had a yummy salad for my evening meal.

Back tomorrow.


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