Saturday, 6 April 2013

A Lot Better!

I am of course missing Peachy like CRAZY!! But I am feeling quite a lot better overall and am able to handle the loss of my Peachy a lot better.

I was up at about 9.30am and I have not slept today, but over this last week I have felt VERY drained, run down and EXTREMELY tired and have slept LOADS, but today, I have only just started to feel tired and it is now, 3.35pm so I am clearly starting to feel better, of course I will be awake until we go to bed.

We bought a TV link today so we can watch Sky TV whilst in bed which will be nice, there are only so many times we can watch DVD's in bed, we love our DVD's i.e. Miss Marples, British comedies etc but it would be nice to watch Sky TV in bed also.

I have been raw today but have only had a banana and a smoothie. The family have offered me processed but I have just said, "no thanks" and not felt the urge to still have the processed...TICK VG for me!

May be back later, if not then I will be back tomorrow.


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