Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Another Step

Today I feel a bit more accepting as to what has happened over the weekend, another step of the greiving process. I don't want to bring you all down with my sadness about my Peachy, although I probably already have and if so, I am sorry! I will try not to go on about her too much, us being sad is quite enough.

Thankyou Marsha for your lovely emails, we really appreciated them!! Thankyou!!

I still have only had a banana today but I am thinking of having something else later. It is now 2.30pm.

I had a salad for my evening meal. I have made some granola this evening, not raw unfortunately but I am trying to eat more healthy for a couple of days, just until I feel a bit better.

I am planning on getting fully back on my raw track again starting on Thursday, that is more what I am preparing myself mentally for.

Back tomorrow


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