Tuesday, 16 April 2013

April's Purchase

A couple of year ago I used to buy something to help me with raw every month and I would post it on here each month, I have decided to do that again no matter how large or small the item, so for April's purchase, here it is: The Tribest Personal Blender

Above, the Tribest still boxed.

Above, the Tribest unboxed.
I bought this from Juiceland (click on Juiceland)
The Tribest Personal Blender is on sale at the moment with free delivery. I have bought a lot from Juiceland over the years, they are great! They email with a tracking number to let you know when the item has been dispatched and it is always next day delivery:) Lets face it, we all get impatient for our purchases to arrive and next day delivery is GREAT! The service, packaging, communications and delivery are all FANTASTIC! And no, I don't work for them, I am simply very happy to buy from Juiceland! Oh! And I don't work for Tribest either.
This personal blender will be fab for doing my smoothies in the morning as I am starting to incorporate two smoothies into my daily menu. The Tribest will of course be fab for doing loads of other things i.e. grinding nuts and seeds, salad dressings etc etc but I did have my daily smoothies in mind when I bought it! I know I could do smoothies in my Vitamix and I have, often! But I try to keep things quiet in the morning so as not to wake the boys up too early. If the boys want a smoothie they can just blend their own up:) I have a magic bullet and this doesn't wake the boys up so I am assuming the Tribest wont be too noisy either. My Magic Bullet is past it best as the blade parts are cracked so this will not be hygienic, I think this is because I was putting the parts in the dishwasher but I wont be putting the Tribest parts in the dishwasher. I will let you know how I get on with the Tribest Personal Blender.
My eldest son, Michael visited this morning and he stayed for a while, I LOVE it when he stays!!!!!

I am going to get on and make my first smoothie using my Tribest P Blender tomorrow. I have planned in 2 green juices and 2 smoothies into my day, every day, and not forgetting the 8 glasses or more of water per day:)

All I have done tonight is measure the loft floor for when we buy the carpet up there. I plan on buying this next month sometime, this wont be my monthly purchase though.
I will be back tomorrow:)


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