Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Bright, Sunny Day

The sun is shining today. Our clocks went forward on Easter Sunday so the good ole British Summertime has begun...yeah right:) It might be sunny but it is still cold.

I am starting my raw tracking again tomorrow and I am rather looking froward to it:)
I am going to get through some housework today so my space, my home that is is all clean, ready and prepared, and it prepares me mentally.

I am feeling okay today and maybe a tinzy winzy bit better about letting Peaches go to sleep forever.

Tomorrow I am incorporating juices and smoothies into my daily raw intake. I am going to soak some seeds for sprouting also.

Today I had my none raw granola that I made last night and despite being on medication for acid I have still had acid all day...more proof that I need to eat clean raw food.

I have vacuumed the whole house, swiffered the kitchen floor, washed the rugs and done some laundry, and I have also coloured my hair. Tomorrow I am going to polish all the furniture, more laundry; the bedding I think, and also wipe the doors over and clean my kitchen and patio window and doors.

The acid has calmed down and I am feeling okay and looking forward to getting back on track tomorrow. I may do myself a manicure tomorrow, pamper myself a little bit.

Well, that is me for today, back tomorrow.


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