Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Raw In Pics

I woke up at 5.30am and got out of bed at 6.20am. I had my shower and then decided to make a smoothie for breakfast; a papaya smoothie...YUM!
I made this using my Tribest, of course:)


I used two small papaya, a banana and coconut water.

*UPDATE* - 2.41pm
I dozed off for about an hour and a half this morning. Shortly after I woke up the boys were home for their lunch. I had had nothing to eat or drink except water since this morning, and to be honest, a cup of coffee also. I was starting to feel hungry and it is all too easy to grab a packet of crisps but I didn't and I immediately turned my thoughts to juice, so I made a green juice.

I juiced romaine lettuce, carrots, apple and I then threw in some spirulina...YUM! I made a large kilner/mason jar of it, gone now though, in my tummy:)

So up to now today I have had a smoothie and a large green juice.
Back later for my evening meal and anything else for today:)

*UPDATE* - 7.10pm
I have just finished my evening meal and yes I did leave some as there happened to be a humongous amount on my plate. I had spring rolls....YUM! One of my favourites.

Evening Meal

I used my new Benriner mandolin to shred the carrot (pic of the mandolin in last months posts, BUSY DAY POST) this was the first time using it and OH, MY, GOODNESS!! This thing is EXTREMELY sharp...I need one of those gloves to use with it because I am SOOO accident prone! And everyone in this house knows exactly what is going to happen, but I was extra cautious using it!!!
As you can see I prepared carrots, red pepper, tomato, cucumber, courgettes, avocado and alfalfa sprouts.

The pic above is the spring rolls all done. I had some sweet n sour sauce left from yesterdays evening meal so I had some of that with my spring rolls. I did want peanut sauce but I just couldnt be fathed to make it. I am terrible for throwing food away if it isn't eaten that day...such a waste! But now I am trying to use up left overs hence having sweet n sour sauce. The pepper and courgette were also left overs from yesterdays evening meal and the tomato and cucumber were left overs from when I prepared my husbands packed lunch this evening. The peanut sauce would have been much nicer with spring rolls. I still have left over sweet n sour sauce so I am thinking of having that tomorrow lunch time with a few veg.

Today I have also consumed 2 bananas and I confess to having a quarter piece of buttered bread which I ate whilst preparing my husbands packed lunch. I would normally have eaten the full slice but Adam wanted some and then James wanted some so I was more than happy to give them the rest before they tucked into their evening meal which was boiled potatoes, green beans, carrots and chicken breasts cooked in a garlic and tomato sauce, I cook the chicken breast in the sauce for 2 hours, it comes out SOOO tender, they love this meal:) Yep, I am making different meals every meal time, always have done and probably always will, often I have had to make 4 different meals cause one doesn't like what the other does and so on, but I don't mind!

Well, that is it for today. Back tomorrow


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