Saturday, 20 April 2013

Raw In Pictures

I just didn't get to do all my pictures yesterday, but today is a new day. I had a visitor yesterday and I was completely disorganised.

This morning I am having the oat breakfast.

Oats, not raw. I could have rolled some raw oats in my flaker, but again I grabbed the packet oats. I threw on medjool dates, sliced banana and almond milk.
I know this is the same pic that I had uploaded for yesterday's breakfast but todays breakfast is exactly the same as yesterday's so I just used the same pic this time.

Since my Dad passed away I have been left wondering, stressing, worrying and I am very keen on finding out why my Dad was a particular way with me the day before he passed away. Since that day I have felt flat and feeling that I am bordering on depression on and off all the time, I have to keep fighting this so as not to sink into a deep depression, but anyway, that is one of the reasons I went to see Derek Acorah, I wouldn't care but Derek Acorah came to me and asked me about stroking a grans arm, but dopey me just sat there and said, "I don't know, I don't know," HOW THICK!:( Surely I would remember if I stroked a grans arm...DURRR! I just could not think and I was put on the spot and all I could think about was, is this my Dad coming through a different member of the family? I was desperately trying to think, suddenly the person behind me chipped in and said it was her. Anyway, that is how I am feeling most days; flat and bordering on depression and that is how I am feeling today. I am saying this because I am going to say how I feel throughout the day and how raw is affecting me, good or bad.

Today: Feeling flat, always trying not to sink into a deep depression even though I am on medication for depression I still have to work not to sink. Feeling tired today, as usual.

I fell asleep this afternoon for a couple of hours. When I woke up I had a bagged broccoli salad that I bought from Costco, of course the dressing and cashews inside were not raw.

Evening Meal

As you can see I wasn't fussy as to what bowl I ate my meal from:)

I haven't had any juices or smoothies today, naughty! I say naughty because having these things are on my daily menu's on my tracker, two of each.

It has been a difficult day today, my mother and sister popped along and this sometimes causes tension, as it has today, and of course this has left me feeling rather down, more than just flat.

We have got our youngest grandson, Jayden over night tonight and into tomorrow evening, this will be lovely!

I will be back later with pics of anything else I scoff or drink, hopefully a green juice, or two:)

I had a banana today also.

Back tomorrow.


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