Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Xanthan Gum

I found a recipe for a tart, the recipe is made in a few parts and one of the parts is a raw condensed milk. I read the ingredients and found that I needed Xanthan gum....ummmm. I went to the local health food shop, Holland & Barretts, they didn't stock it, I couldn't think of anywhere else and my hubby even telephoned around for me but nowhere stocked it so I had to order it online - 200g bag of Xanthan gum costing £6.20 inc p+p. I ordered it on Saturday and it has arrived already...good going!
I was in my local Asda store this morning doing a large grocery shop and would you believe it! in the gluten free section, there it was...XANTHAN GUM! A 100g jar costing £2.62. I did buy a jar despite ordering some, just incase the order took a while to arrive. When I got home the postie delivered the ordered Xanthan gum....teehee....I think I can safely say that I have a good stock of Xanthan gum, luckily it has a great shelf life....PHEW!

I am going to go to Costco later today to get my produce supplies.


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