Friday, 4 May 2012

More Of The Same

Yesterday was very much the same as the day before food wise, bananas and salad, although instead of mango on my salad I had grapes....whoopee....what a change....teehee

Today I walked into town, I could have driven but I knew I needed the exercise. We went to the sweetie stall and I confess to giving into temptation. We had a walk around the shops but when I went into one shop that I go into often I suddenly felt lost and confused...not sure what was going on with me then, maybe all the medication I have been having lately. I know that aswell as having pain I have also felt generally unwell, maybe I shouldn't have gone out. The pain is easing quite a bit now which I am so pleased about! I'm still not sleeping very well and last night was no exception, which was another night of cat naps...ummmm I have reduced the medication I am taking so maybe I will sleep better tonight.

My sweetie hubby went out for some groceries today to save me from having to go out again. We are now stocked up with more romaine, mango, pineapple, bananas, soap powder, ktichen rolls etc and other things for him and the boys.

I want to get on with things around the house and in the kitchen but because of the way I have been feeling not a lot has been getting done but I did get some laundry done today.

Well, there isn't much to report so I will say, "nighty night and I will be back tomorrow".


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