Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Weather today: Bright, sunny and warm...WOW!
I really need to get out for walks, bike rides or even just sit in the garden whilst we are having this glorious weather, I need the vitamin D.

I have had a migraine since yesterday afternoon which has gradually got worse reaching it's peak last night, like it does, always through the night....Grrr - I still have it but it has been getting better throughout the day...thank goodness, It's not too bad now...PHEW!

Today I have vacuumed twice...humff I cut Adam's hair then vacuumed and then when my hubby came in I cut his hair and vacuumed again. I have had the washing machine going doing 4 loads of laundry and just as the last load was about finished in walks my hubby from work and he asks me to wash his work clothes....ARRGGHH! I don't mind really, I have my family, my kids and hubby are healthy, I have my health (I hope) I'm not in any pain, except the last of this migraine, I have a lovely home so why should I complain!?!

I read a recipe that required popped amaranth and the recipe explained how to pop the amaranth but could I do it?...pffft..NO! So I gave that up as a bad job...teehee

When I was at Costco last week-ish...lost track of time, anyway, when I was at Costco I bought loads of mango's and I still have a few left so I have peeled and chopped them into cubes and they are now in my freezer. I always freeze things if I have too many.

I am going to get myself organised and get cracking with my rota's, maybe the bright sunny weather is spurring me on.

Back tomorrow


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