Wednesday, 2 May 2012

A Raw Day

Today has been a good raw day. I have had 3 banana's and this:

I didn't know what I wanted to eat but I knew that I had mango and avocado that needed eating so I just grated some carrots using my new Tefal Express machine...GREAT! I then threw in some sweetcorn, mango, avocado and diced apple, I enjoyed it! Must say, I do have nice bowls for my food...teehee but I just grated the carrot straight into the above bowl and added everything else and because the salad was just for me I just ate it from this bowl.

Although I haven't eaten much today I do feel satisfied and it can be a tad uncomfortable eating at the moment; my mouth is still paining.

I have had rather a lazy day today because I didn't get the best of sleeps last night...ummm - for some reason I just seemed to cat nap all night.

I have just noticed that I have a fine cut on my thumb which will be from my ceramic knife, I tell you, if you have ceramic knives or are thinking of buying them then do be very careful because they are exceptionally sharp, I think much sharper than steel knives and they stay sharp for much longer than the steel knives...just my opinion, all good though.

I don't have anything more to say at the moment for today so I will say, "Night, Night."


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