Sunday, 13 May 2012

Getting Good!

Well, I am feeling SOOO much better now ANNND my raw has been getting SOOO much better too! EASY infact, I have been naturally going for raw meals, I have been more craving raw foods and I have been making more raw things i.e. mock egg mayo, cheese savoury salads, peanut butter & butterscotch fudge etc...all raw of course, I should have put them on here but I have been lazy.

Tonight I have prepared some Kombucha which when it is done I am going to flavour it.....ummm -  maybe strawberry or raspberry.

I bought some green coconuts on Saturday so hopefully they will have meat inside to make some yogurts and bread (Russell James' bread recipe) Sometimes the coconuts are just water inside, good but I want the meat also.
I am going for a big grocery shop sometime this week.

Nothing has happened lately so I shall say night, night and I will be back tomorrow. PROMISE!!


bitt said...

Good for you!

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