Friday, 25 May 2012


Weather today is once again glorious! The sun is shining and it is warm...BEAUTIFUL!

I am determined to get healthy, and so to start my day off I ate a banana and then I thought, JUST DO IT!! Get into the kitchen and crank that juicer I did!!

I used half a water melon that I had in the fridge and I made water melon juice but I didn't waste the skin, I juiced some of that and drank it and the remaining skin I juiced into a green juice.

Below is my Energy certainly CANNOT buy this in a can!

I made this up of:
Romaine stalks and leaves
Spinach leaves
Water Melon skin
Small bit of Cucumber
Little bit of Tomato
1 Apple
and then I added some Wheatgrass Powder
Spirulina Powder

When I make salads I tear the leaves off the stalks for my hubby....AWW BLESS!...TeeHee and I put them into a lock n lock, I also keep any ends off cucumbers, tomatoes etc and I put those into a lock n lock with the intentions of juicing them, although I don't always juice them....laziness so more often than not they end up in the compost bin, but today I thought, NO! Today I am going to crank the juicer up! which I did. I intend to juice more often!!

I have drank all the green juice and I will drink the water melon juice later today...YUM!


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