Monday, 14 May 2012

Simply Amazing!!

Check this link out:

These ladies are both 73 years old.

And this lady, Donna Gates is actually 64 years old.

If this is what eating raw vegan does for our bodies on the outside just imagine what it is doing for our insides.

I have been rather good with my raw food meals lately and after I had been eating various salads and other raw foods for 2 days I was already finding things so much more normal at the loo...I know TMI but it just goes to show how quickly eating a raw vegan diet can affect our bodies in a positive way.

I am going to get the house cleaned and sorted today and then I think I will make another coleslaw for my evening meal tonight but this time I am going to add fruits to it also...YUM!

Housework done and it feels great! I am off into the shower now.
Night, night until tomorrow.


bitt said...

There's been a lot of pictures like that floating around that aren't true, and a few that are the opposite saying the raw vegan is more wrinkled. Also, Donna Gates has had plastic surgery. :-(

Raw Bluebells said...

Oh WOW! I didn't know that. It isn't nice that folk are taking credit for something that isn't exactly true when they have had plastic surgery.

Hugs xo

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