Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Been SOO Busy!

The weather for Sunday and Monday: GLORIOUS! Too warm infact. Weather today: Started off rainy and grey but as the day has gone on the sun has come out! Although a little breezy and the sky keeps going dull.

Sunday, I was so busy. I was up and down to my sisters 3 times grabbing bags of soil for my planter troughs. We also had to go to my sisters because my sister asked my hubby to install an outside tap, he installed our outside tap a few years ago and it is FANTASTIC! I love it!!
My hubby also tidied our front and back gardens and they are lovely now.
We went for a run in the car in the afternoon because it was lovely, warm and sunny!

Monday, I spent nearly all day in the garden planting plants that my sister gave us, more cherry trees and lots of other plants.  I filled the smallest planter with a little drainage and plenty soil and a tad of compost, all filled and ready for me to get planting.
I still have the largest planter to sort out but I need more soil and a little more drainage.

I have planted a small seed tray with micro green seeds, so I'll wait for those to grow.

I am having lots of lady issues. I have been having issues for a few year and now my monthly has not appeared at all this month. My monthly's have been becoming more irregular for some time now what with 2 in one month some months etc but this time nothing for nearly eight weeks. I get HORRENDOUS night sweats and hot flashes through the day some days so I am going to make an appointment to see my GP and ask for a blood test for menopause. I strongly suspect this is what has been happening for a while now.

I got given a flowering tea from my sister so I am planning on doing a little video to show you it. I had never heard of them before until my sister brought me one.

I should be back later today, maybe with the video.


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