Saturday, 19 May 2012

Love Being Raw!

Weather today: Overcast...this will be updated later today. Our weather changes so much in one day, we seem to get all the seasons in one day, every day.
Weather later: As the day progressed the sun did come out...AMAZING!

I am going to make a fruit salad for my breakfast and maybe a tad of a raw cereal sprinkled on top.

I am going to make some fudge later so I  can use my new butterscotch flavouring; I am curious to taste the difference.
I am maybe going to make a few other recipes.

After a full raw day yesterday I can already feel a difference with my loo stops....Yes, you really wanted to know that didn't you?! NOT!


Here is a pic of my breakfast. I bought a box of Organic puffed buckwheat from the Nutricentre the other day, I know it wont be raw but I decided to sprinkle some of that on my fruit and it was SOO yummy!
My breakfast consisted of:
Strawberries with the green tops left on

I received another parcel today, my salt lamp, I also got a free salt tealight holder with my lamp..HOW FAB!

I f you want to read about salt lamps then click here: SALT LAMPS

It is our eldest grandaughters 7th Birthday today.

I did receive permission from Michael to upload this photo onto my blog.

Here is our eldest, Michael and his daughter, Ebony...7 years old today. Ebony is holding one of her Birthday presents, the doll which she got from her Daddy (Michael) and her Mammy. The doll is one of those pricey little numbers and when you put your hand in it's hand it grips your hand.....they were never like that when I was a child...teehee

I made a lovely salad for my evening meal this evening and I struggled to finish it.
I did make the raw Peanut Butter & Butterscotch Fudge this evening which is now in the fridge firming up.

I have been having a look through my new Ani Phyo book and there are a few recipe's that I want to make so tomorrow I am going to make one or two for my lunch and evening meal.
I will do a book review of Ani's book, I know that it is more directed at the raw food newbie and for weightloss which I need, but I bought it for more recipe's.
I still want to make the condensed milk pie/tart recipe especially after ordering the xanthan gum only to find it in my local supermarket....teehee

Back Tomorrow


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