Friday, 18 May 2012


It has rained every day for a few weeks now.
Todays weather: Overcast and rain.

I have been allowing a few processed things into my diet these last 2 days and I have to say that my tummy has been a tad iffy and loo stops have not been right but when I stick my raw everything is as it should be, but I keep doing this to myself, I keep allowing processed junk into my day and spoiling any good benefits from eating living foods.

I have decided that I am not allowing processed into my days and so this morning I had a strawberry and banana smoothie and 2 bananas. I am feeling a tad hungry again so I will have to go into the kitchen and see what I feel like having for lunch.

I received a couple of parcels today.

Ani Phyo's new book and Frontier Butterscotch flavouring.

The Frontier butterscotch flavouring is for the Peanut butter and Butterscotch fudge that I make, Tina Jo recommended the Frontier brand. I had been using a different brand which was nice but I prefer to use what the chef recommends.

I had a couple more banana's for lunch and then I followed this with a 2 hour nap...some nap...2 hours, that was a good sleep.
When I woke up I vacuumed the floors and then made the evening meals. I made a salad which I really enjoyed. I have watched folk make salads and put strawberries into their salads so I decided to do the same myself...Yum

My salad consisted of:
Grated carrot
Mango, I have loads of them
Strawberries, I have loads of these too.


Take no notice of the bowl, this salad was just for me and I just ate it from the bowl. I should have added some hemp seeds, pumkin seeds etc. This salad was a fruit and veg salad. I LOVED it!!

Well, that is all for today so I will say night night and I will be back tomorrow.


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