Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Embarrassing Our Eldest

When my hubby got home from work yesterday we went to Costco. On our way to Costco we had to drop some old cassette's off at our eldest son, Michael's home but I came across one cassette that Michael had used to make a recording of himself singing, I had to keep that one. He recorded himself Mc-ing, don't ask me, all I know is that it is Michael doing a rapping sort of singing, he was GREAT! But me being me I had to put that cassette into the car player and turn it up so he couldn't NOT hear it whilst I sat there in the car head banging...HAHA - I don't care if I make a ninny of myself sometimes, it gives folk a laugh although Michael wasn't impressed that I blasted his singing out of the car...teehee - he liked my head banging though. What are kids for if not for embarrassing them....occasionally!...*SNIGGER* I have to say, I wouldn't normally have music blasting out of the car!
Michael came around today to drop some Birthday cards and pressies in for my hubby/his Dad, it is his Birthday today. When Michael came in I asked him if he had forgiven me for embarrassing him yesterday?

Michael replied....reluctantly: "well sort of, well how would you like it Mam if I recorded you singing in the bath and I blasted it out of my car in the avenue?"
Me: "Son, the older we become the less bothered and more daft we become so I have to say in all honesty, I would probably laugh with everyone else, I wouldn't mind at all, but baby duck, do you forgive me?"
Michael: "Yes, sort of" He is smiling whilst he is saying all this! He must be remembering my head banging dance...teehee
Me: I done a good head banging dance though didn't I? It made you laugh, and anyway, no-one knew it was you singing/rapping, afterall, you were only 15 when you done this"

Then I grabbed him and gave him a cuddle...all well! We don't fall out anymore, we get on really good! He is a lot easier to get on with now.
We ALWAYS let him and our other 2 sons know how much we love them and it is unconditional love for all of them.

Whilst we were at Michael's yesterday...'embarrassing' him...teehee we decided to take 2 of our grandchildren, Michael and Ebony along with us to Costco etc.

I bought my usual, and some at Costco, I also bought Ebony's Birthday present, it is hers, my hubby and our eldest son, Michael's Birthday's all this month....arrgghh!
£192.05 later we were on our way to Tesco's. I am going to have to do something about the amount I am spending at Costco, it is getting more each month (see last Costco visit post) There are always lots of Police Officers that go into Costco to buy their snacks and meals and this Costco visit was no exception, the policeman made little Michael's day when he waved and said hello to little Michael and Michael spoke back and waved, I thought he would have been a tad frightened but he wasn't.
I spotted a little something nice at Costco that I had to buy.


They have come in a wooden presentation box with little gold hinges and clasps...GORGEOUS!

Here you can see all the flavours; 6 of each 12 flavours.

Whilst in Tesco Ebony wanted a magazine with puppet making things on the front, so we got her that and then I asked Michael if he wanted a magazine or sweeties, his reply was, "Banana's Grandma". That boy LOVES banana's and chooses banana's over sweets every time we ask him, I am so pleased!
Ebony chose our 3rd grandchild, Ellie a packet of sweeties, we didn't buy anything for our 4th grandchild as he is only 4 months old.
When I had finished in Tesco I popped into Nutricentre where I bought Lecithin, Organic Peanut butter, Aloe Vera, Linseeds. Nutritional Yeast etc.

On our way back we passed a car transporter and of course little Michael thought this was great, the driver gave a thumbs up to little Michael just as we passed, Michael was all smiles waving and thumbs up back at the driver...CUTE!

We dropped our grandchildren off and then nipped back to Asda for a few things that I forgot in the morning. That was our day yesterday.

When I got up this morning it felt great just knowing we are all stocked up again.

I ordered some erythritol for the condensed milk recipe yesterday which arrived today so I can now get on and try the recipe, which I will post about.

Well, I am going to go up the wooden hill, up the ladders, upstairs...whatever you want to call it where I am going to clean my teeth and then maybe watch some TV in bed, so I will say night night and I will be back tomorrow.


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