Friday, 30 November 2012

Tiling Pics

My hubby has done some of the kitchen tiling. He still needs to seal the edges. We are thinking whether to seal them with the white silicone or a wooden trim, we are thinking more the wood trim...what do you think?

Above, before tiling

Above, after tiling. We still need to seal along the tile and worktop

Above, showing a strip of trim along the wall and worktop. I think we are going for the wood trim.
I can put my dehydrator back on my worktop now. I have been craving dehydrated mushrooms and brocolli lately. Of course I will have to move things again when we come to fit the trim. My hubby still has two more area's of tiling to do in the kitchen which he is hoping to get on with over the weekend or next week.
I want to visit my Mother in hospital but I still have a lingering cold and I am worried incase I pass it onto my Mother and it hinders her recovery.
I will maybe get back later today so check back but if not I will be back tomorrow.


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