Thursday, 29 November 2012

Further Forward

I know I haven't updated for a few days but I'm here now. My Mother had to have a big operation yesterday, we knew it was coming. She had to have a cancerous tumour removed from her bowels. She is doing GREAT! And thankfully the cancer was contained and was removed by keyhole surgery which we are all very happy about. She may be home at the weekend. If the surgeons hadn't been able to remove it by keyhole surgery then she would have had to stay in hospital for about 2 weeks as they would have had to open her tummy up.
As some of you know my Dad died January this year from colon cancer and now my Mam getting bowel/colon cancer.

My new chair arrived today, it has been a month or so since I ordered it, we knew it was going to be a good few weeks, it looks FAB! Worth the wait! And so much better that what we had, it all goes together now. My hubby took the old armchair to the amenities earlier so that has now gone.

My hubby and I have got through quite a bit more around the house, here is the revised list:
Here is my list with one or two more things crossed off..WooHoo

Chimney Removed
Loft Window Installed
James' Bedroom Walls
James' Underlay & bedroom Carpet
James New Lightshade
James' New Desk

James' Bedroom New Window Sill
Adams New Desk
Adams Bedroom New Window Sill
Adams Bedroom Walls
Adams New Bedroom Carpet (probably next year, he got a new carpet about 2 year ago)
Our bedroom Walls
Our Bedroom New Window Sill
Our Underlay & bedroom Carpet
Our New Lightshade
Tile Kitchen Floor
Tile Kitchen Under Cupboard Wall Tiles - Half done
Kitchen Under Cupboard Lights to be fitted and wired in - 1 left to do
Replace Back Garden Fence Post
Replace Front Garden Gate Posts
Paint Front Door
Paint 2 Little Windows
Paint Stairs, Hall and Landing
New Carpet Stairs and Landing (probably next year for this)
Insulate remaining Loft
Carpet Loft (probably next year)
Livingroom New Window Sill
Livingroom replacement chair

My hubby has done half the kitchen wall tiling. We need to buy another tub of tile cement/grout. It has taken a 6.6kg to do half of the tiling, we thought that large tub would have been more than enough to do the lot, we never go off what it states on the tub as to how much wall it will cover.
I have taken a before pic of the wall tiling that he has been doing so I will of course take an after pic and post them on here.

I am trying to incorporate lots of raw foods into my day but I haven't been very adventurous with my food as my kitchen isn't fully functional what with the wall tiling being done, although it is much easier than when the floor tiling was being done.

I still have a cold, infact, I am feeling quite bad today, this has been for over a week now.

We are going to watch TV in bed later and sip on a hot chocolate drink...YUM
Nighty Night


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