Friday, 16 November 2012

A Few Days....

Have past but no matters.

I have just got back from driving my new car, it is so smooth and easy to drive, the gears are smoother than the Celica. The bonnet on the Celica was quite a long shaped bonnet but the new car, the bonnet seems so short, if I lower the seat I can't even see the bonnet compared to the Celica...heehee. This is the first time I have driven my new car since we got it on Wednesday. We have had to wait to get the changed insurance documents and tax on the new car which was all done this morning. The car tax is half the amount the Celica was for tax. The insurance, well that is about £10 cheaper per month and my new car is diesel whereas the Celica was petrol and we all know how costly it is running a petrol car compared to running a diesel car, diesel is much more economical...all good!

My husband has finished skimming our bedroom walls and we are going to try to get through a good few jobs over this weekend and get things sorted, the house is such a mess with all the work that we still have going on.

We are popping to Costco later today, I can't wait to get stocked up with fruit and veg!
My Mam and step Dad visited today, but having said that, they visit everyday....WE LOVE IT!! My Mam and step Dad are crackers and boy! Do they love each other, they are lost when the other one is out the house.

Well not a lot else to report at the moment so I will be back tomorrow even if just to ramble on about nothing:)


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