Sunday, 4 November 2012

Be Glad....

When my kitchen is back to normal, well, not normal, BETTER!! We have now pulled the fridge/freezer and washing machines out because we have decided to get on and try to get this floor finished, and then tile the walls. I have also been emptying my bedroom.

We got up to frost this morning, I LOVE IT!! All cozy in my warm house.
We planted a holly bush and some heather plants today, probably not the right time of year to plant them, I don't know but they are planted now. Holly bushes and Heather are quite hardy plants so hopefully they will take. Heather normally grows on the moors and is exposed to all sorts of really bad weather. I have had the Holly and Heather plants in their pots outside for the last month-ish and they have been fine so putting them into the ground shouldn't cause any problems...I hope!

I had some of the Cheesie and Purple Corn Kale Chips for a snack this afternoon and they are DELICOUS!! The best that I have eaten!! I would definitely recommend them!!

People were setting fireworks off last night, infact, you would think it was Guy Fawkes yesterday not tomorrow.

Well, we are going to have our evening meal and then my husband is going to lay another couple of rows of floor tiles and also tile under where the dishwasher goes, so I will sign off here and I will be back tomorrow.
Night Night


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